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Apr 29, 2016

Jake is my cousin. Well, second cousin actually but what does that matter. He’s a cool kid with a big future ahead of him. He’s heading to the University if New York in the fall to study music. Jake is really into rap and hip hop and has a knack of making some pretty sick beats.

For this shoot, we headed to downtown Tracy, CA to photograph his senior portraits in some of the empty alley ways there. I felt like those backgrounds and textures really added to Jake’s persona and talent of being a hip hop musician and gave off a cool, grunge, urban vibe. It was a good time catching up with Jake for this shoot. Even though we don’t spend a whole lot of time together, I think Jake is really going places. I can’t wait to see where this music career leads him.

If you’re looking to get some awesome senior photos, send me an email or drop me a line through my contact page. Cheers!

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